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World According to Matt

                         Where the Mysteries of Autism are Revealed One Story at a Time



"Autism and the World According to Matt "


Follow the progress of Matt from diagnosis to present day - independent and loving it! There are so many questions others have about those years that there just isn't room to list them all. Want to pick my brain? Need a message of hope and inspiration? For the newly diagnosed a brighter future seems out of reach, but it isn't. Let's try to see autism differently. Parents sometimes just need to see how others did it, what they used, what they found out through trial and error, and possibly pick up a few tips they could put into practice right away. Each autistic child is unique - what works for one may not always work for another, but conversation can spark ideas on how to fine tune each situation.

Free Speakers Bureau

You can use the Free Speakers Bureau - check out my profile, share info with others, check the ratings and see if we are a good match for your event. Then contact me and we'll set things in motion.

Weekends and Tuesday evenings are best!

I have been a speaker for support groups and for college classrooms. I'm pretty versatile. Just contact me to schedule an event. Small group interaction or large group presentation - you pick.

Speaking Engagements

Schedule an event - simply contact me at [email protected]

Fees - Free for local events (within 50 miles of Wytheville, Virginia ).


Over 100 miles but drivable - travel expenses (sorry but I just don't have the funds to to offer to pay them myself).


Support groups and small interactions - free


Larger presentations -let's talk


Matt travels with me but will not be available for interviews or questions. Please understand that this exceptional young man is severely autistic and mostly non-verbal. Crowded events with strangers asking questions are just not something he can do. We are making a video so that those wanting to know more about Matt can see just what an amazing person he is.    

April 1, 2014

Wytheville Community College in Wytheville, Virginia at 7pm. Come join us for a discussion on autism, raising the autistic child and transitioning to a place of their own.


Alvarado ISD Parent2Parent 


Had a wonderful talk with parents in Alvarado, Texas via SKYPE on April 16. Tough questions and great group!!

Matt's First interview

March 13 - THE HOUR OF JOY show on WDBJ 7 out of Roanoke, Virginia

Autism - Live Interview

I was invited to be interviewed on the 221rst episode of AUTISM LIVE - broadcast from Tarzana, California via Skype. My very first interview. Thanks to Shannon Penrod and her team for having me on.

Everyday Autism Miracles - Live Radio Broadcast

I was so honored to be asked to be on "Everyday Autism Miracles" with host Shannon Penrod - the same host that did the interview on "Autism-Live". It aired last Monday and even if I had a few moments where I couldn't find the words (happens to us all? maybe?) I enjoyed our talk. Here's the link. The host and the interviewee may have been the same, but the conversation was on many other things and different stories. Thanks for listening and for helping me promote autism awareness. Your support means everything to me.  

Recent Interviews

Autism Daily Newscast - February 2014


The Autism News - February 2014

SB WIRE - January 2014

Press Release for my first book


Autism - Live Interview - 2014

I was invited to be interviewed again on AUTISM LIVE via Skype in January of 2014. I was nervous and excited to be a part of such an important endeavor as AUTISM-LIVE. Nothing can get me talking more than discussing my youngest son, Matt. Now I invite you to watch via the Youtube link. Thanks to Shannon Penrod and her team for having me on a second time.

April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014 - a discussion on transitioning the adult from high school to college and beyond via Skype with the Alvarado ISD Parent2Parent Support Group in Alvarado, Texas in Johnson County.


For more information contact Mike Hinsley on Twitter @AISDP2P and help get the word out.

Full episode - with all the audio problems.... just in case you're into that...

Sometimes Skype is harsh player - and it was on this day when the audio went from tinny to absent. Fortunately, what could be heard was pretty good...... 40:10 is the starting point.


Watch Here

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Honored as one of the - TOP 30 AUTISM BLOGS

In bookstores Dec. 16, 2014

Purchase a signed-copy direct from the author for $22.95 (plus tax and shipping)


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"... each day provided some tiny step forward, some steps so small you would miss them if you weren't looking. I'm always looking- eager to witness that next miracle."— Liz Becker


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Autism and the World According to Matt

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